Collage Your Life

Explore Your Creativity with SoulCollage®

SoulCollage® is an enjoyable, magical collage activity. It gives you access to your creative energy and helps you forge a strong and lasting connection with your own power and wisdom. SoulCollage® offers you an opportunity to get in touch with your unique capacity to make beautiful, personally meaningful collages. It will boost your confidence in your creativity, stimulate your imagination and open up fresh channels of intriguing self-discovery.

How You Can Start

The best way to start enjoying SoulCollage® is to come to an introductory workshop where you’ll learn how to create uniquely beautiful collaged cards and start connecting with them. You will be inspired by the gorgeous array of images provided. You will also receive guidance in making your cards and understanding them.
You’ll then be able to participate in an enticing range of further workshops, weekend gatherings and retreats. You can also train to become a Facilitator so that you can share your love of SoulCollage® with others.

An accessible creative process to celebrate and explore your life

Making SoulCollage® cards is an enjoyable process, cutting and pasting images you have found onto cards. The images can come from magazines, calendars, stock photos or personal materials such as your own art and photos. Over time you gradually create a personal deck of cards about you and your life. You can ask questions about real life situations and use the cards to get answers.

A simple yet fascinating creative practice

SoulCollage® cards are technically simple to make. Yet the process of making them absorbs you completely and can become as intricate and complex as you wish. Your collages will reveal your own creative potential and signature card-making style, and you’ll discover what a multi-facetted person you are.

Connect with your intuition and spontaneity

SoulCollage® encourages you to use your intuition and to be spontaneous. Right from the start you will be amazed at your strong instinctive connection to particular images. This connection lies at the heart of SoulCollage®. You will find it easy and pleasurable to create your SoulCollage® cards following your intuition. Once you’ve made a few cards you can ask questions about real life situations and use the cards to get answers.

A flexible process for individuals, groups and communities

Once you’ve been introduced to the basics, spending time at home doing SoulCollage® can be a relaxing, meditative activity. At SoulCollage® events a special synergy develops between participants, which together with supportive feedback creates a dynamic, soothing energy. This joyful atmosphere makes my SoulCollage® workshops a unique experience. Find a workshop near you on the Workshops page of this website.

The roots of SoulCollage®

SoulCollage® was invented in the 1990s by American therapist and poet Seena Frost. SoulCollage is now popular throughout the USA, Canada, and Australia and is starting to take off in the UK and in mainland Europe.

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